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What a cool lil horror game, i didnt except that jumpscare will got me lol

The end had me laughing so much!

Played your game in a video, got some good laughs out of it. I hope you enjoy!

Your game starts at 2:26

This was a cool lil horror game, I enjoyed playing! And that jumpscare got me bad fam! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Nice game, wasn't expecting that scare. 

Wasn't expecting that!

Literally the scariest jumpscare for me in a long time.  You can see the horror on my face. First game for you. Im mad at that jumpscare still lol.

Short but good. Nice atmosphere and loved the ending lol.

i acutally quite enjoyed this :D it's a short  little kind of scray game. i was expecting for the crying skeleton to be goen or something when i looked behind me but the jumpscare right after that scared me a lot lol

less 'scary' and more 'cheesy/comedy', but I prefer that. was a really short play through but ending gave me a laugh and overall this was pretty enjoyable.

good job!

Pretty fun and somehow scary game, it actually spooked me a fair bit. i like the concept of it being funny and a meme but still scares you. I hope you can finish this game off and keep the funny/meme theme going

yo this game started slow but then scared the living hell out of me good game and hope you keep making them

Love that this game is inspired from Death Trips! And the ending does not disappoint! Part of a 3 game video, yours is the second and starts at 5:59! also the voice acting was epic! 

Death trips is an awesome game and I wanted to play tribute to that especially. I'm happy you enjoyed the voice acting, as you can tell I'm very talented XD

This is one those games that is really short & sweet, really enjoyed it! Would love a huge maze with random traps if you decide to expand the game more. Anyhow here's my impression :) 

It was a very spookyting indeed. I loved the ending haha. A throw back to death trips. The game starts at 7:00mins in.

Awesome man, glad you enjoyed it! Loved your reaction, kept me smiling the whole way through!

I'm glad you liked the video. It had a good jumpscare and it made me laugh.

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Nice Texture and atmosphere. With this game I had a lot of fun to play it. Nice Game.

Hey Buirry,

You had a really funny playthrough, and actually your unique playstyle has helped me figure out some areas I need to fix. Thanks for checking it out. And yes this game was made for a joke ;)

Nice game dev, the ending was too funny! heres my experience hope you enjoy:


Hi ShaunOfThDread,

Thanks for the taking the time to check out my game, really enjoyed your playthrough as well!

Amazing game dev had so much fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 


Thanks for playing my game and I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm happy to hear that since this is my first project. I watched your whole video and I enjoyed it a lot. Definitely dropping the like and subscribe!

It's awesome for the first project keep it up but thank you so much for watching and subbing i really appreciate it :) .

Hi there, I am a youtuber and I hope to get some support from you guys by leaving a like and subscribe at my channel.

This is a funny short horror game XDDDDD. I was not expecting a game like this based on the pictures and the photos on the game page. The pictures of the game looked amazing and I was looking forward to a great horror game to play but was a little disappointed by how the game worked out when I played it XDDD.

Great attempt in making a funny horror game though. I still enjoyed the horror game and my improvement suggestion is to probably extend the gameplay time of the game by adding puzzles into the game or adding more comedic parts into the game.

Thank you for reading my comment. I wish you good luck in your future endeavours :).

Hey there DragonExplosion,

I'm so glad you chose to play my game! This is my first Unity project so I was quite unprepared with the way I was gonna develop this game.

The game is still in active development, so do look to forward to future updates.

I will definitely note down your suggestions as they sound awesome! And I'll be dropping the like and subscribe too!

Thank you so much bro XDDDDD. I wish you good luck in your future endeavours XDDD.